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Superior Koi Heaters--
The Best!

From Darren Lucas of Nature’s Touch Ponds in Paramus N.J....

After building koi ponds for a few years and installing many heating systems for these ponds, I noticed a lot of problems with the heating systems on the market. Many of the systems were designed for heating pools not koi ponds, others were not efficient, and some had heat exchangers that clogged. Knowing John was very good at mechanics and fabrication, I talked to him about all of the problems with the pond heating systems. Working together with him to create a product specifically designed with koi in mind, “Superior Koi Heaters?was developed.
It turned into a product that far exceeded my expectations and solved all of the problems I had with previous systems on the market. I believe these systems are the best heating systems for ponds on the market.

From Tom Holder of Koi Care Kennel, Inc....

I highly recommend the Superior Koi Heater. It is the most cost effective heater to use that I know of. And it can be configured as a radiant heat unit or heat exchanger style OR BOTH. It has great engineering and is built to last.
The most important factor in buying a koi heater is the cost of operation and Superior Koi Heaters win hands down.

From Nip in Phoenix, AZ....

Having an existing heating system on my 22,000 gallon pond that was using 300 lbs of propane a week, I decided that I needed to find a more efficient system. I called Tom Holder at Koi Care Kennel who recommended Superior Koi Heaters. After discussing my issues with John Hadley at Superior Koi Heaters I decided to purchase a custom heating system. John assured me that it would be more fuel efficient and that it would be trouble free. The system was shipped to me within 2 weeks of my request directly to my home. After installation of the system, my pond temperature went from 62 degrees to 72 degrees in 10 hours!!!! My fuel consumption has decreased to an unbelievable 45lbs of propane every week and a half!!! That’s what I call EFFICIENT!!! I am happy to endorse this great system and the man that stands behind it!!

From Tom Burton in Middletown, NJ....

The Superior Koi Heater put together by John Hadley of New Jersey is just that - superior to anything I've seen out there in my 14 years in this hobby.
It's a beautifully thought out system that reflects John's perfectionist personality, and models are available to fit the needs of most hobbyists and dealers. Anyone considering taking control of their fish's environment through heating would be well advised to give this product serious consideration.

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