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www.naturestouchponds.com--Darren Lucas, a young man in business building koi ponds under the watchful eye and help of Tom Burton with his knowledge of building ponds, within a few years has developed a business and knowledge that most wish they had. He is also a good friend of mine and helps from time to time with projects of my own. I am glad to call him a friend.

 www.koivet.com--Doc Johnsonís website has been very helpful for me through the years regarding koi health, and you can also talk to people on the message board about different problems with your fish, pond, etc.

www.koicarekennel.com--Go to Tom Holderís website for koizyme and also helpful products for the koi enthusiast.  There is a wealth of knowledge about koi here.

www.tomskoi.com--Tom Burtonís website is very helpful to anyone who wants to have the knowledge of building a koi pond right the first time--so you donít fall into the same problems I have had beginning in this hobby!

www.makc.com--The Mid-Atlantic Koi Club has one of better magazines to read, with helpful hints, and also has a great group of people who will help you at any time.

www.aquaticeco.com--A useful guide to finding what you need in equipment.

http://www.sfbakc.org/koienews/orp.html--This is a helpful page on how to use an ORP meter on your koi pond. I learned about this page from a friend of mine and have found the ORP to be a very useful meter to determine water quality. It can be purchased from Aquatic Eco-Systems. Product name pin point- #ORP3 for approx. $99.00. This is a very inexpensive meter and it has been found to be very useful to myself and other people I have talked to.

www.sugarloafkoi.com--Matt Corino, who has his own koi business, is very knowledgeable about fish and filtration and has helped me build the filtration I have today in my own pond, including a custom design trickle tower.

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