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About Superior Koi Heaters

John's Projects:
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First Pond
Filter System for New Pond
Holding Tank with Full Filter System
and Heater
New Pond (Under Construction)

About John:

I have known my husband, John Hadley, for over 25 years. Through all of these years he has shown a keen ability to fabricate ideas and bring them to life. He has shown me that through hard work and perseverance you can make your dreams come true!
From building an addition on our home, to building a beautiful AC Cobra kit car (believe me it truly wasn’t a “kit? and motorcycles, to building ponds, pond filtration systems and pond heating systems, there is nothing John can’t do. (With my help of course!) He takes pride in every project he has ever undertaken, and the finished product has always shown it.
John has built his original Superior Custom Heating System with his pond in mind but will build an efficient heating system for your pond with the same integrity and quality of his own.

Regina Hadley

Don't be fooled by imitations!
There is only one
Built to the highest standards.