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You want the best, so...
heat your pond with a
SUPERIOR heater!

Don't be fooled by imitations!
There is only one
Built to the highest standards.

As avid koi keepers ourselves, we have come to know how important it is to stabilize water temperature in order to help ensure happy, healthy koi.  Remember, heating your pond is only one of the pieces of the puzzle.  All the other aspects are very important also. Not one can be left out to have a healthy pond.  Our koi heating systems are custom built to your specifications with the intent that your precious koi are kept healthy and live long and prosper.  This web site will provide you with information about our heaters along with links to useful web sites and tips for the koi enthusiast.

Enjoy your koi year-round and improve their health by installing a SUPERIOR KOI HEATER!

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Call John at 201-261-7321
(M-F, between 8am and 4pm EST)
or send e-mail to

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